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Our mission is to guarantee effective compliance of the financial sustainability principle by Public Administrations

Working Papers

Working Paper 3/ 2015: Quarterly regional GDP flash estimates for the Spanish economy (METCAP model)


In this paper we propose a methodology to estimate on a quarterly basis the GDP of the different regions of Spain, providing quarterly profiles for the annual official observed data. In this way, the paper offers a new instrument for short-term monitoring that allows the analysts to quantify the degree of synchronicity among regional business cycles.

Working Paper 2/2014 Spanish Public Debt Sustainability Analysis


This note develops an overarching debt sustainability analysis (DSA) framework, encompassing three of its main dimensions: (i) a traditional (deterministic) sustainability exercise, based on a simple accounting application involving the debt accumulation equation; (ii) an assessment of the realism of the assumptions underlying the deterministic debt projections; and (iii) a stochastic exercise aimed at understanding the uncertainty associated with the deterministic path.

Working Paper No. 1/2014: Understand the financial sustainability


Working Paper No. 1/2014: Understand the financial sustainability