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Our mission is to guarantee effective compliance of the financial sustainability principle by Public Administrations

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AIReF’s Advisory Board was created in March 2015. It is formed by a total of nine members who are appointed by the president of the institution for a three-year term from amongst professionals who are acknowledged experts in Spain or internationally and with a least ten years of experience in the field of economic, budgetary and institutional analysis.

The organic law on the establishment of an Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (6/2013) in Spain states that the President of the institution may be advised on the performance of his functions by professionals with expertise in subject-areas within its competences and may attend the management committees whenever he deems it appropriate for them to do so. 

The nine members who have been appointed today to sit on the Advisory Board are Rafael Álvarez Blanco, Jordi Caballé, Teresa García-Milà Lloveras, Javier Gardeazabal, Ángel Laborda, José María Marín Vigueras, Miguel Martín Fernández, Aurelio Martínez Estévez and Carlos Monasterio Escudero.

The Advisory Board is divided into two panels focusing on the two key areas covered by the AIReF in its remit: economic analysis and budgetary and institutional analysis. The Board will function as a plenary body holding its session once a year or divided into the two panels (i) economic analysis and (ii) budgetary and institutional analysis, which will each hold a meeting twice a year. The annual action plan drawn up by the AIReF shall include the calendar with dates of the ordinary meetings to be held by the Board. Nevertheless, extraordinary meetings may be called in addition to this schedule.